Zach Perry is a young man who is used to tragedy. He has spent most of his young life in a wheelchair with only his books and a very vivid imagination for friends. Now his loving parents have been in an accident leaving him all alone. Broilstone Home for Boys is hell on earth and only a hastily penned letter to a grandmother he has never met may yet keep him from being in this nightmare for the rest of his miserable life. Just when his imagination has deserted him and things are at an all time low she arrives to sweep him away to live in a converted country manor house she now runs as an old age home. However his newly acquired idyllic existence is soon disturbed when he is cornered by a group of his Grandmothers’ friends who convince him they hold the key to Libris. “Libris is under attack!” they tell him. All the fairytale characters ever written about live on the fairytale island of Libris. Panic is spreading on the island as many of the characters are slowly losing their colour and becoming invisible because children are no longer reading about them. The new video game; Technotron, is in fact a deadly plot by a computer virus to wipe out all children’s books. The old folks are too old to use the key and now they must turn to the only young person they can find to travel to Libris and help the Fairy council battle the evil virus. If they do not succeed imagination itself may be lost forever. Someone with a strong imagination is desperately needed and Zach is reluctantly about to fill those boots. But are they serious or off their rockers? More importantly; does Zachary Perry have what it takes to be a hero?!