Who am I?

I was born in Johannesburg and finished high school at St Stithians college in 1982. After spending 2 years  in national conscription I followed my passion as an actor doing  many feature films and television series. I then decided to diversify and went behind the camera as a first assistant director and then to directing  commercials which I’ve been making a living from for the past 12 years.

So that is my  history as pertains to my  CV however we all have another side of us and that is a vision of who we feel we really are and what we dream to achieve.  This sometimes only becomes apparent later in life  so when I look back on why I joined the film industry as an actor and eventually a director it strikes my that the one common thread I always looked for was storytelling. This is my one true passion and I what I thought I could be achieve as an actor or director.  I say thought as I soon realized that there are many different people  working together in these fields and that the end result is always a collaboration rather than a personal  account. I had steered away from writing as my father is a writer and I didn’t want to be compared to him. Until my daughter was born.  I had the outline of the White Quill in my head for a long time and she became the catalyst for me to sit down and write.  As I wrote the outline I reflected on how much our upbringing influences us, even subconsciously  and that  it was my grandmother  who used to sit at night and tell us stories.  It saddened me that in some ways this link between children and their grandparents was being lost so  I decided to include them in the story  in the hope that  perhaps  I could get them to read it to their grandchildren. As the outline progressed I looked around the world and thought  if I could find the one thing that I felt was lacking in the life of children today what would it be?  All the children were immersed in computer games and TV . Gone were books and radio stories. The fundamental difference between the two is that today very little imagination is required and when I thought about it this is the one thing that separates humans from animals. If we could no longer imagine then there can be no forward thinking  and that in today's world, more than ever we need to teach our children to  think for themselves.  There are so many new careers coming into being almost daily that we can never teach all of them  and with the advent of the internet almost all information is readily available if we have the skills to find it. Those basic skills are reading  and writing. If the one thing I can do is stimulate childrens' imagination by showing them  how valuable and exciting reading can be then I will have achieved  a great personal goal.  All children are born with vivid imaginations,  I believe it’s our job as parent and teacher to make sure this is nurtured and that the quest for knowledge can not be taught, only  inspired.