'A thrilling read, enjoyable for all ages, fun, and most of all, exciting. Brilliant imagination!' - Ryan Hand (12)  

'What a refreshing and uplifting book. I love how it subtly instills the value of balancing the use of technology with more reading and creative exploration " Natalie Mercer (Estate Agent - 2 children)

"THE WHITE QUILL was truly an inspired read, I'm 36 and I couldn't put it down. I wish that all children would read it, or have it read to them, to understand the importance of keeping stories and imagination alive in this technologically driven world." Nicola Jackman (Actress)

'White Quill is the best book I've ever read.  I felt as if I was part of the story, right inside the pages' - Kaitlin Downie (9)

What a magic book!! I feel proud to have the White Quill on my bookshelf.  It was particularly special, because my daughter and I traveled together on the same magic carpet.  It's the ideal book for parents (grandparents as well!) and children to read together' - Tertia Downie, pianist and mother