Books were delivered to the 8 districts in the Western Cape and were distributed to the 534 pre-selected schools. Each school received 1 book per grade 6 class.

Teachers chose 6 learners from their respective classes to be the representative project leaders for the “Inspired to Read” book initiative. The names of the selected learners were sent to Education Department HO in Cape Town on Friday 11 February 2011. 

The chosen learners had a certain amount of days to read the whole book. It roughly equates to 12 pages a day. After every reading phase the learner shared his/her views on what they thought of the book to the entire class. These learners wrote a synopsis, of no more then 500 words, of what they thought the best part of the book was and was accompanied by a picture of their idea of Libris (Fairy Island).

After the 6 month project two winners were chosen out of the participating schools and we congratulate them for their great efforts and passion shown for this project.

English First Language Winner:

Caitlin Alexander from Sweet Valley Primary

Principal - Mr Ryan

Teacher - Ros Senogles (Thank you for your passion for reading which made this project with your learners all the more exciting)

English Second Language Winner:

Tamara Vlok from Wesbank Primary

Principal - Mr Gordon (Big thanks for your obvious dedication to this project and support throughout)
Teachers -

Congratulations to the Principals and Teachers that supported their learners and making a success of this project.